Patient Testimonials

Feedback from some of Mr Hewes' patients

James encourages regular feedback on his practice and uses this to improve his service. To access or leave anonymous feedback click:

May 2017
Mr Hewes performed a Gastric Sleeve on me in December 2016. I am now 6 Months post op and I a delighted with the results. I am finally at a healthy BMI, I feel energised and I am confident that I will enjoy the health benefits of weight loss for the rest of my life. Mr Hewes is an amazing surgeon who listens to his patients. He made me feel extremely comfortable and treated me as an individual rather than just another patient. He took the time to talk to me about the procedure and ensure that it was the right path for me. Thank you Mr Hewes!  

Nov 2016
Mr Hewes made me feel at complete ease and that no question was stupid! He was very open and honest and didn't make me feel bad about my condition rather looked at how I move forward with their help. It makes me feel confident and reassured to be in his and his team's hands.

July 2015
Mr Hewes presented a very professional review of my recent operation. I felt the information he delivered was all relevant and certainly put my mind at rest. He listened to my concerns after the operation and addressed them accordingly. A very highly recommended consultant.

May 2015
Mr Hewes made me feel very comfortable and explained everything re bariatric surgery options in detail. He listened to my questions and answered them in full. Mr Hewes asked my opinion re which surgical outcome I would prefer and explain the procedures and possible complications. I felt at ease and in very safe hands I would highly recommend Mr Hewes.

Jan 2015
This was my first meeting with Mr Hewes, after a very anxious few months of awaiting a diagnosis. He put us completely at ease and was very engaged in our conversation. He explained everything in very good detail and made suggestions of what could be wrong and what to do next, whilst remaining very positive. I personally found him to be a very charming, confident and sympathetic man and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

May 2014
I had a laparoscopic incisional hernia repair operation 3 months ago and I am very pleased with the results. The consultations were very professional and reassuring. This means that I can now lead a normal life without fear of injury every time I laugh. Overall I think that Mr Hewes is a great professional and a very caring man. Thank you very much to him and his team.

March 2014
Mr Hewes listened to what I had to say and went all through my notes from previous tests at other hospitals and had everything to hand, in order to progress to my operation. Mr Hewes put my mind at rest and was able to give me a rough idea of when the operation could take place instead of waiting every day for news through the mail and so I could plan ahead. Really nice Consultant and his reputation precedes him from other hospitals I have been at! So many lovely comments from nurses and staff at the hospitals I have recently been to and they were correct.

Oct 2013
Outstanding care from Mr Hewes and his team . Explained well and quickly organised my treatment at Frenchay & Southmead after Gallbladder problems. No problems after surgery, so far, and now back at work after 1 week. Thank you Mr Hewes.

Sept 2013
Mr Hewes was very empathetic and appears very proficient as a surgeon. His team, particularly his secretary, were extremely accommodating around my personal circumstances and the scheduling of the operation.